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Important Facts for Shipper...**

**Carrier will not be liable for any of the following:
  1. Personal property, baggage or valuables shipped in the vehicle or responsible for loss or damage to such items and/or damages to vehicle if it is broken into for same.
  2. Mechanical and electronic functions, exhaust assembly, alignment, suspension or tuning of engine or undercarriage damage, as inspection of these items is not practical at time of shipment.
  3. Costs or expenses, including towing or repair charges, resulting from malfunction of auto.
  4. Auto rental accruals.
  5. Loss or damage of any kind to radio equipment that is not original equipment, C.B., radar detectors, etc.
  6. Damage to any car that we cannot drive on or off the transporter under its own power and that is not in good running condition (including brakes and parking gear.)
  7. Minor chips and scratches caused by highway gravel.
  8. Damage caused by leaking fluids, battery acid, cooling systems antifreeze solutions, industrial fallouts or fallout resulting from acts of God.
  9. Damage caused by freezing of cooling systems and/or batteries. Protection from freezing will be furnished by and at the expense of the shipper.
  10. Shipper is totally responsible for preparing vehicle for shipment. All loose parts, fragile or protruding accessories, low hanging spoilers, antennas, etc. must be removed and/or properly secured. Any part of the vehicle that falls off in transit is the shipper's responsibility, including damages caused by said part.

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