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Doug Rainier
Relocation Consultant
Beltmann Moving and Storage Company

As a fifteen year customer of Mirliss Auto Relocation Services, it is indeed my pleasure to offer this testimonial to your dedication, pricing, thoroughness and stability. Many auto transport companies are content with being price givers and order takers. Your company, however, deals with the concerns and worries of your customers; for this I thank you.

John Canova
Certified Moving Consultant
Acme Transfer & Storage, Inc.

As a 30 year veteran in the moving and storage industry, I can say that I have shipped hundreds of autos, using many different car hauling companies.

What I have learned is that you truly do "get what you pay for". I have used carriers which were the lowest price but I had the customer calling me and threatening to call the highway patrol to find their vehicle and when I called the carriers, I received the run around.

I learned of Bonnie Mirliss approximately three years ago. I found her to not necessarily be the "cheapest" but always competitive. Primarily she meant what she said, she followed up and I can honestly say I have yet to receive one complaint from one of my customers. Bonnie is prompt in returning calls and even tells me the truth when I want something else. Mirliss Auto Relocation Service is my exclusive car hauler.

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